Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 3

April 22nd-28th

Monday: no exercise
Tuesday: no exercise
Wednesday: no exercise
Thursday: no exercise
Friday: no exercise
Saturday: 90 minutes
Sunday: 40 minutes

Total: 2 days / 2 hours & 10 minutes

Reached total time (minutes) goal, did not reach days per week goal.

Last week was not the best week. Though I did reach my weekly total goal for minutes I only exercised twice the only week. Matt's parents drove out from California so Wednesday - Sunday were spent with them catching up, eating (way too much might I add), and just having fun. I did go swimming with Abby on Thursday which was a little exercise but mostly just playing so I didn't count it. I allowed myself to eat what I wanted but did try to stay within good portion control. It was a good chance for me to realize how much better I feel when I am eating healthy every day and exercising as often as I can. On Sunday Chelsie and I went for a good 40 minute walk around Salem Pond that felt great! She walks a lot faster then me so it was good for me to push myself. Chelsie and I are going to start trying to work out together more often.

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