Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My last post was two weeks ago today and I am happy to report I am doing much better! I have exercised a total of 11 of the last 14 days and exercised a total of 6 hours and 45 mins! Sadly I am not loosing the lbs yet but I know with the last time I lost a lot of weight it took time...a lot of time...but eventually they started falling off. I AM however noticing that my clothes seem to fit better and I am able to wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes which is a HUGE deal. And though honestly it would be nice to step on the scale and see what I have deemed as an ideal weight for me, what makes ME feel good about myself is how I feel in my own skin. If I can throw on a cute shirt, some comfy jeans and feel like I look cute then its all good! I don't know that I am at that point yet but I am getting closer, a LOT closer then I was two months ago.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's been over a month since my last post...I've been the biggest slacker!

Things are going about the same as usual. Last week though I did pretty horrible. I worked 4 12-hour shifts in a row from 1pm-1am and I felt like when I wasn't working I was sleeping and when I wasn't sleeping I was working. It was really hard to get a workout in and on top of that my "gym" aka my cousins house was out of commission since my cousin was on vacation. I feel like these are all excuses though cause I could have always found ways around them to exercise but I didn't.

Anywho...I am not gonna get stuck in that mind-set. It's a new week and I am off to a good start. I worked out for over an hour yesterday which felt really good. I decided that I am going to go on a walk for at least one of my breaks each day. I have two so I figure if I spend at least one of them (15 mins) doing cardio that will help me get in the right state of mind. I am also going to be more committed to working-out after work at my cousin DeAnn's house everyday. 30 minutes of cardio on a bike X 5 days = 2.5 hours, not too shabby! Matt and I are also going to try to go on a 20 minute walk every evening now that its warm enough to do so.

As for eating my biggest weakness is the weekends. I do great all week but then here comes Saturday and Sunday and I am ready to pig out. I need to find more healthy snacks for those days so I can eat better. It's a life-long journey and I just have to take it a day at a time.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Had a really good week last week. In all I exercised 5 days out of the week for a total of 5 hours and 37 minutes. Bring on the new week!

Week 4

April 29th - May 5th

Monday: 60 minutes
Tuesday: 1 hour & 56 minutes
Wednesday: 30 minutes
Thursday: no exercise
Friday: 1 hour
Saturday: 1 hour & 11 minutes
Sunday: no exercise

Total: 5 days / 5 hours & 37 minutes

Reached 'Total Time' goal and reached 'Days Per Week' goal!

I feel like I did really well this week! I exercised more then I have in a long time. Most of my exercise was outside too which was great. On Monday Ryan and I went on a bike ride. Matt bought me a bike trailer a couple of years ago so I attached that to my bike so Abby could come along. It felt great being a bike again and getting some exercise in the process. On Tuesday Chelsie came over and we went on a walk with Ryan around the neighborhood. We tried to jog a little but walked most of the way. On Wednesday I did 30 minutes at DeAnn's house on her bike. On Thursday I was super sick so didn't do any exercise. On Friday I went on a walk with Abby in her stroller. I wasn't intending on walking for a full hour but by the time we got home I realized an hour just flew by. Chelsie came over again on Saturday and we did another walk around the neighborhood. I also went on a bike ride on Saturday by myself which was a lot of fun. Overall I had a lot of fun this week exercising. As far as eating goes I did really well! I stayed below my calories most days and allowed myself to indulge on Sunday as my reward!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So last night Chelsie, Ryan, and myself went for a walk/run (we walked most of the way since we are not at all runners but then towards the end we tried alternating between walking and running). We went 4 miles in an hour which I know is pretty slow but at least for me and how out of shape I am it felt really good. The only thing is today my back is killing me! Not sure if it's just cause I am not a runner or maybe my shoes? Hope some ibuprofen helps!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feeling really good today! Yesterday I stayed under my calories and kicked up the exercise! Rode on a stationary bike at DeAnn's house for a good 30 minutes (I was sweating by the end, it felt so good!) and then later I went on a bike ride with my brother while pulling my daughter in our bike trailer for another good 30 minutes. I love summer and am going to try to either go walking or go on a bike ride outside as much as possible!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Occasionally I will post some of my facebook "posts" about my exercise. Here is one...

I am back! Last week I took a little "break" with the in-laws in town. I knew we'd be eating out a lot so I tried to eat healthy but let's be honest I didn't keep track of my food and there is a reason for that, lol. I did however do pretty good with exercising, we went to Thanksgiving Point Gardens on Saturday and walked around for hours and then yesterday Chelsie and I went to Salem Pond and walked around the little park for 40 minutes with a pretty good pace. But now I am back to my routine and will start keeping track of my food and STOP eating so much junk! Feels good to be back :)