Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My last post was two weeks ago today and I am happy to report I am doing much better! I have exercised a total of 11 of the last 14 days and exercised a total of 6 hours and 45 mins! Sadly I am not loosing the lbs yet but I know with the last time I lost a lot of weight it took time...a lot of time...but eventually they started falling off. I AM however noticing that my clothes seem to fit better and I am able to wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes which is a HUGE deal. And though honestly it would be nice to step on the scale and see what I have deemed as an ideal weight for me, what makes ME feel good about myself is how I feel in my own skin. If I can throw on a cute shirt, some comfy jeans and feel like I look cute then its all good! I don't know that I am at that point yet but I am getting closer, a LOT closer then I was two months ago.

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