Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 1

Last week was my first official week of eating healthier (or better yet...less) and exercising consistently. I have been keeping track of both on (which I love!) and I did pretty good! Here is my weekly exercise breakdown...

April 8th-14th

Monday: 30 mins (cardio - bicycle)
Tuesday: 10 mins (cardio - stairs & weight-lifting - dumbbells) 
Wednesday: 50 mins (cardio - bicycle / stairs & weight-lifting - dumbbells) 
Thursday: 40 mins (cardio - bicycle / stairs & weight-lifting - dumbbells) 
Friday: 20 mins (cardio - stairs & weight-lifting - dumbbells) 

As for eating I didn't eat after 8pm all week, I drank between 6-8 cups of water everyday, and I only ate sugar on Sunday. Not easy (espeically when they had birthday cake at work) but I honestly haven't felt this good in a long time! Now on to Week 2...

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